Screws for Timber

BOLTBARN stocks an extensive range of high quality Type 17 drill points for fastening into timber, these include:

  • Hexagonal Head for general fastening, with or without seals, in zinc plate or galvanized. Commonly used on roofing and wall construction where drilling into timber battens is required.
  • Wafer Head screws for fastening into timber and thin metals where a flat head is required.
  • Bugle Batten screws for flush fastening of heavy duty timbers available in zinc plate, galvanized and stainless steel. Also commonly used in landscaping timber projects as well.
  • Countersunk head screws for fastening predrilled fixtures where a flush finish is required. Available in zinc plate or galvanized
  • Pan Head screws for general fastening to timber where a raised head is required.