BOLTBARN stock an extensive range of rivets for every application and material. Although bolting is the most common form of fastening there are many times because of access to the back of a job where riveting is the best option. Rivets are low cost, very versatile and extremely reliable

Rivets come in a vast array of sizes and generally are identified by the two number code on the packaging. This number is best explained by taking the first number that identifies the diameter of the hole desired to drill and the second number describes the width of material you are trying to fasten..
Rivets are available in a range of materials to suit the material being fastened or the environment that there are being used in .We have included a handy table to refer for both size and material application.

BOLTBARN  can supply you with any quantity large or small. We break the box for you, just come in and get what you need.

BOLTBARN have the following rivets in stock:

  • Steel Rivets suitable for steel and zinc coated  materials
  • Aluminium Rivets suitable for aluminium or zinc coated materials
  • Stainless Steel Rivets suitable for stainless steel, copper and brass materials
  • Monel Rivets (Nickel/Copper) suitable for s/steel, copper and brass materials
  • Sealed Rivets suitable where a waterproof seal is required
  • Peeled Rivets suitable for softer type materials
  • Countersunk Rivets where a flush finish is required
  • Large Flange Rivets suitable for fastening on a wide area

Rivets – Sizes:

Rivet sizes are identified by a two number code. The first number relates to the size hole that the rivet is fitted to and the second number relates to the thickness of material that the rivet is fastening or ‘grip’
e.g. A 5-2 Rivet is a 5/32’’(4.8mm) diameter with a grip range of 1/8’’(3.2mm)
Refer to the table:

Dia Code
Grip Code
1/16 (1.6mm)
1/8 (3.2mm)
1/8 (3.2mm)
5/32 (4.0mm)
3/16 (4.8mm)
3/16 (4.8mm)
1/4 (6.4mm)
1/4 (6.4mm)
5/16 (8.0mm)

Coloured rivets are also available but on specific order only. BOLTBARN will break the box for you so you only have to buy what you need.