At Boltbarn there is an extensive array of drilling equipment you can choose from to suit your application. Check this list out, we have got your needs covered.

  • Jobbers Drills – General purpose drills in Metric and Imperial Sizes sold both in bulk and individually
  • Jobber Drill Sets. – Complete sets in Metric and Imperial sizes
  • Cobalt Drill – Heavy Duty drilling into hard materials
  • Long Series Drills – When that extra length is required in Metric and Imperial sizes
  • Step-Drills – Great tool for drilling sheet metal. One drill does most sizes.
  • Masonry Drill – Multi purpose Masonry Drills for light to medium application.
  • Masonry Drills – SDS For Heavy Duty drilling equipment such as hammer drills
  • Auger Bits –Timber drilling application for all types of wood
  • Spade Bits – Handy Toolbox size bits for all timber use.
  • Holesaws – A complete range of sizes for every application
  • Left Handed Drill Sets – Great for drilling out damaged or broken bolts
  • Screw Extractors – another tool fro extracting broken or damaged screws, studs or bolts

BOLTBARN has a serious array of drilling equipment for your every need. In any quantity, great quality and affordable prices so give us a call or drop in and see the range in store.