Heavy Duty – Concrete

BOLTBARN can supply a range of heavy duty masonry anchors to meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry, tradesman or handyman alike. These are easy to install and give reliable performance in both concrete and solid masonry. These highly engineered products are manufactured in accordance with all applicable Australian and International standards.

DYNABOLTS – Hexagonal Flange Sleeve Anchor available in sizes from 6mm to 20mm in Zinc Plates, Galvanised and 316 Stainless Steel.
General purpose medium duty for fixing to concrete, solid and hollow brick, masonry and stone.
Available in a variety of head styles to suit any application

SCREWBOLTS – Masonry Screw Anchors. Available in sizes from 5mm to 16mm in Zinc Plate or Galvanised.
An innovative self tapping screw anchor is the simplest anchor to use. It is used to fasten fixtures to concrete, solid and hollow masonry in the light to medium range and has become a most popular masonry anchor to all trades.

TRUBOLTS – Hexagonal head, anchor size and thread size are the same making selection of drill bit very simple. Extensively used in heavier applications that require a greater sheer strengthen the anchor bolt.

DROP-IN ANCHORS – For flush setting with the concrete setting available in Zinc Plate or Stainless Steel. Commonly used for suspension systems using threaded rod to fasten construction.