You want washers? BOLTBARN has tons of washers to choose from.  In any situation, washers are an integral part of any fastening application so you need to choose the right

one. Available in Metric and Imperial sizes, all types of material and for all types of jobs, BOLTBARN stock a huge range and the best part is you can buy as little as one washer or a whole pallet if you want. The quantity doesn’t matter to us so just give us a call or drop in and get the quantity that convenient to you.

Some washers are very specific to certain jobs. High load or vibration applications, corrosive environments, structural and construction to name a few.  Check out the range to see if any of these will suit your application .
Remember, just buy what you need not the whole box.

BOLTBARN stocks all these washers on the shelf. Check out the range or give us a call. We can advise you what washer you should use and remember you only have to buy what you need.

  • Flat Washers: Available in standard mild steel  and in metric and imperial sizes from very small to very large. These are stocked in steel ,galvanized ,stainless steel, brass.
  • Spring Washers: Available in standard steel and heavy section, galvanized and stainless steel. Sizes are in metric and imperial from very small to very large.
  • Square Washers: Commonly used in the construction industry, we keep these in zinc plate or galvanized finish. These also come in different thicknesses to suit different applications. Sizes from M10 to M24.
  • High Tensile or grade washers in zinc plate and metric and imperial sizes.
  • Shakeproof washers: Internal and External tooth washers in metric and imperial for the high vibration application. Also serrated lock washers in stock as well.
  • Mudgaurd Washers: available in zinc plate and imperial and metric sizes. These washers have an extra large outside diameter for those special applications.
  • Structual Washers: suitable for use in the construction industry, matched to the structural bolt and nut assembly. Certificates can be supplied with this type of washer if required.
  • Belleveille Washers: these are a curved washer designed to keep tension on the nut so to avoid loosening.
  • Copper Washers: Limited sizes but when you need one give a try

BOLTBARN has you covered when you need washers.